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Oakland Green

Oakland Green.jpg

Category: Home

Historical Dates: 1730s - present

Threat Level: Low

Location: Oakland Green Road

Oakland Green is a house consisting of log, stone and brick sections. The original log portion of the house was built in the late 1730s on a 505-acre tract of land deeded by Lord Fairfax to Richard Brown. The stone wing was built in the 1740s, and the brick addition in the 1790s. Today the 200 acre farm raises Angus beef and the house serves as Oakland Green Farm Bed and Breakfast. 

Detailed Information

The following information was copied, with permission, from the Oakland Green website:

The original Fairfax deed is still in possession of the family. It is dated 1741 from Thomas Lord Fairfax to Richard Brown.

  • Richard Brown built the log portion probably in the early 1730's;

  • His son, Henry (1720-1801) constructed the stone wing in the 1740's;

  • His son, John (1749-1828) built the brick addition in the 1790's;

  • His son, Nathan (1783-1821) added the porches on the front & back;

  • His son, William (1818-1900) whose portrait hangs in the parlor, built the barns and added one of the first bathrooms in the county;

  • His son, Joshua (1857-1946) added a kitchen (since replaced) and heat;

  • His daughter, Helen (1893-1970) planted many of the trees and shrubs;

  • Her nephew, William Holmes Brown (1929-2001, grandson of Joshua) restored the log portion and replaced the kitchen wing in 1978; also put in pool house

  • His daughter, Sara (1974- ) built her own cottage on the property in 2001

  • Her daughter, Hannah Rose (2006- ) has a long line of shoes to fill

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