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Lincoln Studios

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Category: Home
Historical Dates: 1910
Threat Level: Low
Location: Lincoln Rd


The structure at 18187 Lincoln Road was built as a commercial building in 1908. It opened its doors as the Nichols General Merchandise and operated as a general store for at least two decades. After that it was a home, an antiques and bric-a-brac shop, and more recently, a boarding house. In 2006, Sarah Huntington, Laura Longley and Drew Babb renovated it as a photography studio and rental space for artists and professionals. Despite major renovations, the original store room is largely intact from the turn of the century, with original countertops, bead-board walls, ceilings, shelves and even drawers stencilled with the names of bulk goods, spices and so on. Today the building is a private residence.

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