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Oakdale School

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Category: Landmark

Historical Dates: 1815 - present

Threat Level: Low

Location: Sands & Foundry Road

The Quakers, who deeply valued education, constructed a one-room log school house. In 1815, they built the current structure of brick made on the premises and open to all children of the area. Today the structure is used by the Quakers for their "First Day" school, as well as a volunteer "living history" program for area school children.

Detailed Information

The Oakdale School was built by Friends (Quakers) in 1815 and is the oldest existing one room school of brick construction in Loudoun  County today. Serving Lincoln and the surrounding area, it remained Quaker until the late 1800’s when the state provided public education--it then  became a public school.


In 1903, Oakdale was no longer in use. Lincoln was then the home of a one room school nearby--partitioned into two classrooms on the lower level and a large upper level playroom.  Later, a high school was built on a nearby hill, becoming Loudoun County’s first high school. In 1926, a fire burned the high school to the ground and the Oakdale School was used for classrooms  until the high school was rebuilt.


The Oakdale School has been preserved by the Goose Creek Meeting and now serves as their First-Day school. It is also the site of a living history program which has been incorporated into the Loudoun County School curriculum for Lincoln Elementary School students as well as for some home schooled students.

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