Board Members and Management Team


Carol Morris Dukes


Carol Morris Dukes is the founder and first president of the Lincoln Preservation Foundation. returning to lead the organization after stepping down for several years.  She organized LPF in 1999 after rapid development began to threaten the integrity of the Goose Creek Historic District.  A registered nurse, she practiced in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties while also studying archaeology at George Mason University.  She spearheaded the efforts to restore the African American Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, c1885, and is a lead in the effort to create the Grace Heritage Site. A recipient of the 2004 Balch Library’s “Loudoun History Award,” Carol has been involved with numerous projects aimed at preserving the architectural and cultural history in western Loudoun County.


Reginald "Reggie" Simms

Vice President

Reggie's professional career as a graphic artist has been showcased in many of LPF's event material.  He has donated his works of art for the benefit of the  Grace Heritage Site restoration project, and he has been a tireless advocate for the preservation of the African American story. A past recipient of the Balch Library's Loudoun History Award, Reggie is known throughout the area for his advocacy.  Mr Simms's family was part of the original Grace Church congregation in Lincoln.


Jennifer Juengling


Jennifer has a strong background in museum studies and enjoys conducting research. Jennifer is a native of New Jersey, which had one of the worst historic preservation records in the country when she was growing up. Watching local history disappear due to development led her to pursue her undergraduate degree in Historic Preservation from Goucher College in Maryland.  Over the years, she has been involved with numerous projects, including cemetery research and documentation, living history, historic house maintenance, and archival record management.  She has lived in Loudoun County since 1998, but with her passion for landscape preservation in mind, she moved onto a small Lincoln farm off of a gravel road in 2012.


Garry Smith


Garry was born and raised in Loudoun County in the Purcellville area, and attended Carver Elementary School and Loudoun Valley HS.  He is retired from the State Department, and was assigned to countries throughout the world. He worked in Africa  for 14 years before returning to Washington, DC.  An avid art collector, Garry specializes in African art. Garry volunteers at the Carver Senior Center every day and is a member of Carver Alumni Association.  He also serves on  the Board of the Friends of Grace Heritage Site. 


Jeff Jackson

Preservation Team

Jeffrey Jackson is a retired Loudoun County school educator, and a member of the Agape United Methodist Church, which had its roots in the historic Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Lincoln, Virginia.  He is President of the Friends of Grace Multicultural Center , leading efforts to create the  Grace Heritage Site.


Carolyn Unger

Historical Research Team

Carolyn Unger is a fairly new member of the Lincoln Preservation Foundation but has had a long time interest in the Grace Church, its history and community.  She is a retired Loudoun County school teacher and had been a resident in Hamilton for over 40 years.  She is a member of Goose Creek Friends Meeting, one of the three churches in Lincoln, the others being Grace Episcopal Methodist Church and Mt. Olive Baptist Church.


Virginia Geller

Historical Research Team

Virginia Geller coordinates the historic research efforts for LPF and her role is to compile, document and research historic documents, buildings, and artifacts pertaining to the history of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. She was born in Yokohama, Japan and prior to moving to Lincoln in 2000, lived in many different places including, Rome, Italy, where she studied Art History, Vienna, Austria, and Hamburg, Germany. She is a lover of children, animals, fine cuisine, travel, and art history and has three beautiful successful daughters and two amazing grandchildren. She is a dedicated volunteer including being PA President at the International School in Hamburg, Loudoun Country Day School and Foxcroft, as well as being a founding member of 100 Women Strong, the founder and owner of Leilino LLC, and a partner of ATEX Consulting LLC.


Louis Jett

Information and Preservation Teams

Louis is a multigenerational Loudouner  with an extensive background in historical research of Loudoun County's African American culture and history. Louis maintains a growing archive that documents the famous and not so famous people, places, and things that shape Loudoun's cultural heritage.


William Washington

Preservation Team

William Washington is a retired Loudoun County schools educator, and  a member of the Agape United Methodist Church. He also serves on the Board of the Grace Multicultural Center. He is a tireless advocate for the preservation of African American history with deep roots in Loudoun County.


Ard Geller

Information and IT Lead

Ard Geller is a past president of the Lincoln Preservation Foundation, and a very active member on the Board of the Lincoln Community League. He moved to Lincoln in 2000 with his family to live in a rural and historic environment that he is now committed and engaged to preserve. He has been involved with historical environments and artifacts throughout his life, having grown up in Rome (Italy), having lived in Vienna (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany) and being a collector of antique manuscripts, artifacts and art. He co-authored the book “Jewish Rome”, a historical and photographic documentation about the Jewish presence in Rome from antiquities until the present days. He is a founding and managing partner with his daughter, Shoshi, in ATEX Consulting (an IT strategy and implementation consulting firm) and ATEX Forensics (an IT litigation consulting and expert witness firm). His professional background is in information technology.


Jeanne Whitney Smith & Lee Lawrence

Historical Research Team

Jeanne Whitney Smith is a long time board member and former treasurer of the Lincoln Preservation Foundation.  Her life's passion is and remains the pursuit of world peace.  Jeanne served as executive director of the National Peace Foundation,  and worked for Peace Links founder, Betty Bumpers. who was involved in the grassroots movement that created the National Institutes of Peace.  Jeanne served in the Peace Corps in Macedonia and continues to serve Lincoln's Goose Creek Meeting peace initiatives.  Jeanne and her husband Scott were recognized for the restoration of an historic home in upstate New York.


Lee Lawrence is interested in local history, particularly women's roles during the Civil War, as well as Quaker efforts to end slavery.  She has served on several boards  of local non-profit organizations and was honored to receive the Thomas Balch Library '27th Loudoun History' award in 2019.