How You Can Help


Small town America, particularly rural small town America, is disappearing - a fact all too clear to the people of Lincoln and other fast growing areas of Loudoun County. Virginia Farms are giving way to dense subdivisions. Historic landmarks are falling into disrepair. Our wildlife and open spaces are disappearing. The quality of life that has drawn people to America's small towns and villages for generations is threatened.


Fortunately, there is a spark of hope. Hope for saving the cultural and historic integrity of Lincoln, the Goose Creek Historic District, and surrounding areas; thanks to the people supporting the Lincoln Preservation Foundation. There are many ways you can help:


  • Volunteer - restoration activities, organizing fund raisers, fund raising campaigns, services (if you are building contractors/ tradesmen)

  • Donations - both financial as well as materials that we can use for restoration projects. 501c 3

    • What we need: flooring, electrical materials, sponsor a "support package" (bundle of activities in a specified project)

  • Leverage your Contacts - if you are "VIP" help influence others, help with getting County support, Grants, starting matching funds in Companies, etc.

  • Historical Materials - Provide us with historical photos, articles, books or just information that we collect and share with the community. All materials will be scanned, entered into our repository and returned to you.


Join us in our fight to protect our historic and cultural heritage of Lincoln and the Goose Creek Historic district!

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