Information Session on Historic Districts & Conservation Easements Update - May 22,2015

On Sunday, May 17th, a LPF and LCL sponsored community workshop was offered to highlight the unique historical, cultural and natural heritage of our area and advise residents of various methods to preserve this heritage while benefiting the community and gaining personal financial benefits. The methods discussed were  (1) inclusion in Goose Creek Historic District, and (2) use of  conservation easements.. 


The meeting was very well attended --- more than 50 people showed up, including  two members of the Board of Supervisors:  Supr Geary Higgins and Supr Janet Clarke, both of whom have been very supportive of our community efforts.  


Members of LPF had worked hard to identify and invite residents who were wary of the Historic District designation and of easements, as well as those property owners we could identify who were not yet included in the District.   We feel somewhat confident that fears were put to rest.  We intend to post, on this site, the responses to all questions which people posed during the session as soon as we have them.


Members of the County Historic District Review Committee attended, as well as county planning staff who serve that committee.  They answered a lot of questions and made a great case for inclusion in the District.  We have some interested property owners who intend to apply for admission into the District.  LPF has committed to be of assistance to the property owners to streamline the process and minimize the application effort for them.


Paul Lawrence, who has personal experience with conservation easements and the benefits from the tax credits that can be achieved, educated the group as to land conservation easements and shared, based on this actual personal case, the method for calculating the bottom line tax credits achievable


All in all , it was a hugely successful educational meeting .  For further information feel free to click here and send us a message with your questions or request us to contact you.


A HUGE thank you to all who participated and all those that helped make this session a success. Click below to access the presentation material that was used during the session.