Goose Creek Stone Meeting House and Caretaker's Cottage

Category: Landmark
Historical Dates: 1876-present
Threat Level: Low
Location: Lincoln Rd




The Quakers established farms in the area and met for worship in various family homes. In 1747, the group established the Goose Creek Friends Meeting and in 1765 built this stone Meeting House. Since 1819, it has been the private residence of the caretaker and still owned by the Goose Creek Meeting.

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Detailed Information

This stone meeting house served as the place of worship for Goose Creek Friends from 1765 to 1819. It has served as the residence for the caretaker of the meeting's property since that time.

Detailed information about the Meetinghouse complex is located in the link, below, from the Goose Creek Friends webiste.


To Visit
Currently a private residence for the Goose Creek Friends Meeting caretaker, there is a parking lot from which to admire the structure, as well as the current Meetinghouse, across the street at:
18204 Lincoln Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132.




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