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The Lincoln Preservation Foundation (LPF) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1999 by residents concerned about the future of the Goose Creek Historic District (GCHD); a 10,000-acre tract of land that includes working farms, historic schools, churches and other sites, walking tours, private residences, small businesses and wildlife habitat in western Loudoun County. Here, modern day ways of life co-exist with centuries old history.


The Goose Creek Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is anchored by the Quaker village of Lincoln. Founded in 1730, Lincoln is home to Goose Creek Friends Meeting House and is rich in historic sites and features.


We work together with other conservation and preservation organizations under the umbrella of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition (LCPCC). We work very closely with our community, including the Lincoln Community League (LCL).

The Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition


The Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition is a group of nearly thirty historic preservation and environmental conservation non-profit groups in the County and surrounding region. It is particularly interested in the conscientious implementation of Loudoun’s Heritage Preservation Plan which outlines strategies for identifying, preserving, promoting, and celebrating Loudoun County's heritage resources.


In the fall of 2007, several new County Supervisors appeared to be sympathetic to environmental conservation and historic preservation so it appeared the time was ripe to reactivate the preservation agenda. Although there were dozens of nonprofit organizations in the County dedicated to these issues, their activities were not well coordinated, and some of the members had become inactive.


In December 2007, the former Preservation Society of Loudoun County called a meeting of these groups to establish lines of communication, agree on a set of shared policy goals, and develop a system to coordinate efforts to accomplish these goals. The Coalition was formed, and in January 2008 representatives of 18 private organizations and three members of the County staff met to discuss issues and strategy. The number of organizations active in the Coalition fluctuates as issues come and go, but remains in the upper 20s.


One of the primary goals first adopted by the Coalition was to urge the new Board of Supervisors to reaffirm and implement the Heritage Preservation Plan which had been approved in 2003 but placed in limbo by the Board elected later in 2003. The Coalition worked hard and successfully in 2008 to have the Board that was elected in 2007 reaffirm the Plan with minor changes.


The Plan recommended the creation of a Heritage Commission and frequently referred to it as a key organization in the successful implementation of the Plan. The Plan described a powerful commission with many tasks and resources but took no steps to establish a commission. Therefore, the Coalition carefully analyzed various structures and missions, built support for a Heritage Commission, and eventually won a unanimous decision by the Board of Supervisors to create the Commission.


After seeing that some Conservation Easements in the County were being violated, the Coalition began a dialog with County officials to create procedures for monitoring and enforcing easements. The Coalition also plans to exam expiring recreational/open space easements that were acquired under proffers from developers, and to help shape a model proffer.


The planned realignment of The Woods Road and potential violation of a historic and environmental easement in Banshee Reeks were closely followed by the Coalition, but its efforts to save the Woods Road have not been successful.


The Coalition has worked with local groups and Historic District Review Committee as they have communicated with VDOT regarding the repair or repalcement of various bridges in the Beaverdam Creek Historic Roadway District and the Goose Creek Rural Historic District.


The Coalition has worked with other organizatins and elected officials to pass state legislation supporting the preservation of historic, unpaved rural roads.


The Coalition consulted with the County regarding the use of available proffer funds to purchase the old Toll House on route 7 at route 28.


Members of the Coalition consulted with Leesburg regarding a proposed Edwards Ferry Road Historic corridor district.


The Committee continues to gather information and ideas on how to expand the County’s legislation preserving historic and prehistoric resources. Its efforts helped establish and maintain a County requirement for a Phase I archaeological survey before the County will approve plans for a residential development.


 The Coaliton has also worked to maintain clean water in Loudoun, to protect its forests, open spaces, and wildlife habitat. It has also had some succes in preserving historic buildings, landscapes, viewsheds, and steep slopes from aggressive development.


Some of the groups that have coordinated efforts with the Coaliton include:


Aldie Preservation Association

Audubon Naturalist Society

Banshee Reeks Chapter, Archeological Society of Virginia

Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

Citizens Committee for the Cavalry Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville

Friends of Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve

Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Friends of Claude Moore Park

George Marshall International Center

Goose Creek Association,

Goose Creek Historic District

Mosby Heritage Area Association,

Land Trust if Virginia

Lincoln Preservation Foundation,

Loudoun Convention & Visitors Association

Loudoun County Civil War Roundtable,

Loudoun County Committee for a Sustainable Society

Loudoun Preservation Society,

Loudoun Watershed Watch

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Morven Park

Mosby Heritage Area

Mount Zion Church Preservation Association

Piedmont Environmental Council

Snickersville Turnpike Association

Unison Preservation Society, and

Waterford Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lincoln Preservation Foundation is to document and preserve the unique historic heritage of Loudoun County Virginia's Goose Creek Historic District, which is anchored by the early 18th Century Quaker village of Lincoln. We seek to record and build upon this history for future generations while protecting and preserving the buildings, environment, cultures, and features that give it its rural character and enable time-honored ways of life.

Our Activity Areas

Information and “Marketing”

  • Maintain an active website and social media connection with the community

  • Publish "papers/newsletters" on history of community, prepare flyers on LPF, support Fund Raising

  • Maintain awareness & Info on changes / threats to the community, e.g. new developments, new roads, key County meetings / decisions affecting us•Sale of Publications, e.g. LPF publications, other Lincoln related, .....

  • Manage Publication Projects e.g. Lincoln Photo Book, Historical Map like Lincoln Loop, Lincoln mini books on specific topics, History of individual historical homes, Postcards / Xmas cards


Historical Research

  • Maintain a central repository of historical information on the community

  • Provide news on new research for website

  • Provide materials for the publications



  • Active involvement in the preservation of the community e.g. Poll community on opinions for actions / projects, and participate at public hearings, Engage with County, HRC, Other Preservation groups

  • Preservation projects

    • Grace Church – Coordinate and assist Friends of Grace

    • Lincoln Elementary School - Save the Schools

    • Other


Fund Raising

  • Targeted fund raising incl. Grants e.g. Individual sponsors, Corporate sponsors, County, Federal

Membership and LPF Board

The Lincoln Preservation Foundation is comprised of members from all over Loudoun County, but particularly people residing in the Goose Creek Historic District. 

LPF is managed by a Board and Committee/Project Leaders. Click here to meet our management team.

Collaboration with Lincoln Community League

Lincoln Preservation Foundation

Research and Preserve

Historical Heritage

Historical Research


Maintain online repositories / Archives


Preservation Initiatives

Preservation Projects

Fund Raising



501 (c) (3)

Tax deductible donations

Lincoln Community League

Create a Sense of Community in Lincoln

Welcome New Residents

Sponsor Social Events

Ice Cream Social

July 4th Parade


Liaison with Lincoln Elementary School

Operate the Post Office

Provide compassionate assistance to needy Lincoln Area residents

501 (c) (4)

Non-Tax deductible donations

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